How to Get Yourself a Last Minute Holiday

Were you planning to stay home this summer but starting to regret it? If you’ve been thinking it’s too late to bag a holiday without breaking the bank, then this is the article for you! We’ve came up with this guide for all the hopeful travellers that would be missing out this summer if not for the tips you can read all about in this article. Read on, and get booking! Continue reading “How to Get Yourself a Last Minute Holiday”

What to see/do/eat/love in Berlin

Do you want to go on a city break but not sure where to start? Fancy some culture as well as good weather delicious dining? Then look no further than Berlin! A city full of history, pleasant summer weather and lots and lots of currywurst. If this is a trip that interests you, then read on and enjoy this little guide to one of the best city breaks in Europe. Continue reading “What to see/do/eat/love in Berlin”

9 Top Tips for Travelling With Kids

If you’re lucky enough to be going on a family holiday this summer, these tips for travelling with young children are just for you. Travelling as a family is a very enriching experience, but it can be a challenge for our patience and our nerves. Here’s 9 tips I’ve put together so that you can get to your destination as peacefully as possible. Continue reading “9 Top Tips for Travelling With Kids”