What to see/do/eat/love in Berlin

Do you want to go on a city break but not sure where to start? Fancy some culture as well as good weather delicious dining? Then look no further than Berlin! A city full of history, pleasant summer weather and lots and lots of currywurst. If this is a trip that interests you, then read on and enjoy this little guide to one of the best city breaks in Europe.

Why go?

The German capital has a great story to tell its visitors. Desolated during World War II and divided by the Wall for 28 years, Berlin has regained its former splendour in an awe-inspiring way. The buildings with modern architecture erase the dark past of the city, creating a special atmosphere where the classic mixes with the modern and the extravagant with the everyday. The remnants of the wall is a history lesson by itself, while the bunkers convey the terror that once gripped the city.

Berlin offers a wide range of activities, visits and exciting excursions for tourists that will engage you with the city’s story. There’s Checkpoint Charlie, scene of continuous fleeing by citizens of the East Berlin, while Museum Island offers a wide range of exhibitions for all tastes.

One not to be missed: Enjoy a tasty currywurst accompanied by a proper German beer by the Brandenburg Gate is a priceless.

When to go?

The great thing about Berlin is that it’s truly a city to be enjoyed year round. Go in December and brave the cold, but be enthralled by the most magical of Christmas markets. Go in summer and enjoy a walk through the vibrant Volkspark, topped off with a few pints in one of the many beer gardens that spring up during the good weather.

What to do?

As mentioned above, there’s so much history to take in at the various monuments, sites and museums, but there’s more than just history to be enjoyed in Berlin. It’s a hub of great music and nightlife, with some of Europe’s best techno clubs. It might be nearly impossible to get into Berghain, but Berlin’s not short of venues to dance the night away.

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